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About Rayface

Unlock the Potential of Face-Driven Dentistry: Now add 3D Face Scan to Digital Dentistry with intraoral scanners and CBCT to create dental avatars quickly and easily. Face Driven Dentistry uses dental avatars to provide faster, more accurate diagnosis and personalized care for patients.

RAYFace generates a Dental Avatar, merging intraoral scans and CT data to construct a comprehensive 3D representation of the patient’s face. RAYFace’s advanced technology facilitates the rapid scanning of dental and facial structures within a mere 0.5 seconds, thereby offering a swift and efficient procedure that optimizes time for both dental practitioners and patients alike.

Rayface 3d Scanner

Rapid Scanning Technology

  • Ultra-Fast Scanning: Capture 3D dental and facial structures in just 0.5 seconds for exceptional efficiency.
  • Superior Accuracy: Fixed scanner positioning minimizes errors, ensuring high-quality data acquisition.
  • Simplified Workflow: Streamline your dental procedures with a swift and effortless scanning experience.
  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Reduce chair time for patients with this rapid and comfortable scanning process.  

Digital Smile Design

  • Personalized Smile Design: Craft beautiful, patient-specific smiles quickly and precisely using 3D facial scans captured by RAYFace.
  • Enhanced Patient Communication: Showcase potential treatment outcomes with realistic simulations, increasing patient understanding and acceptance.
  • Seamless 3D Printing: Effortlessly convert Smile Design data into printable mock-ups thanks to the integrated Mock-up exporter, streamlining the workflow.

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