Hybrid High Quality Sterilizer



Hatch Eschmann 23L meets the daily needs of every healthcare practice, offering a choice of both ‘N’ and ‘B’ type cycles to accommodate every type of instrument and load.

With a 23 litre capacity chamber, the Hatch Eschmann enables more instruments to be processed at one time, as well as longer instruments (up to 370 mm in length), whilst still being able to fit onto a standard sized work surface.


Hybrid with Advanced Features

  • Hybrid sterilizer offering choice for both Class B and Class N Type Cycles
  • Simple and intuitive touchscreen 
  • 4 preprogrammed Class B Type cycles
  • 1 preprogrammed Class N Type cycles
  • 3 Test cycles(Vacuum test, Air detection test and B&D test)

Efficient, Certified and  Modern

  • Offers a Larger 23 Liter Capacity Chamber
  • Extended Sterilization and Drying Cycles
  • Simple and Intuitive Touchscreen
  • Unique User Pin Code Protected Cycle



  • Autoclave Type: ‘B’ type (vacuum) 
  • Load Type: Suitable for solid, hollow, unwrapped, wrapped and porous loads 
  • Chamber Capacity: 23 Litres 
  • Cycle Options: 134ºC and 121ºC. Handpiece cycle for multiple hollow instruments 
  • Cycle Times: ‘B’ type cycle from 48 min (with drying) ‘N’ type cycle from 31 min (with drying ). Note: all cycle times depend on the load. 
  • Cycle Data Management: USB cycle data recorder with option to connect wireless AutoLog cycle data manager or printer 
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 6  Kg
  • Water Capacity: Fresh water tank 3.8 Litres Waste water tank 4.4 litres 
  • Chamber Dimensions: 254 mm (diameter) x 452 mm (d) 
  • External Dimensions: 640 mm (d) x 500 mm (w) x 500 mm (h) 
  • Weight (empty): 48.2 kg 
  • Power Supply: 110 V  

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