2D Panoramic X-Ray

Rayscan Alpha 2D

About Rayscan alpha 2d

This panoramic dental x-ray has an intuitive system which features 6 pre-set pan protocols for effortless operation. The optional Ceph attachment offers added scalability for cephalometric analysis. For peace of mind, the Rayscan Alpha P includes a 5-year full parts warranty, a capture PC, a monitor, and 24/7 RAYGuard monitoring for maximized uptime.

Lower Dose 

  • Reduced Radiation: The Rayscan Panoramic X-ray uses advanced technology to minimize radiation exposure compared to traditional panoramic X-rays.
  • High-Quality Images: Despite the lower dose, the system captures clear and detailed panoramic images through features like Adaptive Moving Focus.
  • Multiple Modes: The X-ray offers a variety of 2D panoramic modes to suit specific diagnostic needs.

High Image Quality & Quick

  • Ultra-fast Scan Times: 4-second cephalometric scans reduce radiation exposure by over 80% compared to older models.
  • High-Quality Images Despite Lower Dose: The system utilizes a high-performance (CdTe) detector. This technology captures excellent cephalometric images even with reduced radiation exposure.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Brief exposure times enhance image quality and minimize the chance of retakes due to patient movement, leading to a more efficient diagnostic process.
  • Advanced Cephalometric Technology: Enables quick scans specifically designed for orthodontic procedures.

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