Innovative & Advanced

Hatch Portable Dental X-Ray

About Hatch portable x-ray

By incorporating Innovative Technologies and the latest Dual Microprocessors, Hatch X-Ray has packed the power and intelligence in several ways to enhance the convenience of the practioner and patients

  • The unique shielding technology results in negligible leakage radiation. This ensures that both the patients and clinicians are safely protected from unwanted radiation
  • The sleek design of the X-Ray tube-head coupled with an in-built short cone, enables it to be positioned at any angle and direction with ease to get good images.
  • X-ray of stable and fine quality is produced by the 100kHz digital generator, offering good quality at a minimum dose.
  • Tube head swivel on horizontal plane 540º

Tube-head with Beam Limiting Device

Provides 60 kV – 70 kV voltage range (adjustable in 1 kV steps) and 4 mA – 8 mA current range (adjustable in 1 mA steps) to reduce exposure times and the amount of radiation absorbed by the patient.

Operator Console


Its smooth operator console offers intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface. The system houses two microprocessors, one for control/supervisory functions and another to provide the user/machine interface.

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