About Sterismart

Meet the Hatch Sterismart, the intelligent log management solution that simplifies sterilization processes. Compatible with all autoclaves, it automates cycle data collection via WiFi smart reader and offers manual input flexibility.

Generate daily reports by day, cycle, or autoclave effortlessly. Stay compliant with public health standards and integrate patient information seamlessly using barcode scanning. Upgrade your facility with Sterismart today.

Cycle Data

The SteriSmart Software stands out for its ability to automatically collect physical data from sterilization cycles using the WiFi Smartreader. Alternatively, for flexibility and convenience, users can opt to manually input data when necessary. 

Sterismart Software
Hatch Autoclave Software

Reporting and Compliance

Our intelligent log management solution doesn’t stop at data collection. The Sterismart generates daily reports that can be sorted by day, cycle, or autoclave, offering valuable insights for your quality control processes.

Trust in the Sterismart to meet all public health requirements, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring that your sterilization processes adhere to the highest standards.

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