2D Panoramic X-Ray

Rayscan Alpha+ 3D

About Rayscan alpha+ 3D

The Rayscan Alpha+ 3D is a cutting-edge dental imaging system with exceptional versatility. Capture high-resolution 3D scans at your choice of field-of-view (8×8, 12×10, 16×10 cm) and utilize the optional Ceph attachment for cephalometric imaging. The system includes a wireless remote, 2D Pan mode, and STL converter for seamless workflow. Experience the world’s first radiation-free visible guide for patient comfort and benefit from real-time monitoring with RAYGuard.

High-resolution CBCT Images

  • High-resolution Endo Scan Mode at 70 Microns: Endodontic procedures, often referred to as root canals, require highly detailed visualization of the intricate anatomy within the tooth. The Rayscan Alpha Plus excels in this area with its high-resolution endo scan mode that captures images with a voxel size of 70 microns.
  • View CT images in less than 10 seconds: Fast scan times are crucial for both patient comfort and efficient workflow in dental practices. The Rayscan Alpha Plus achieves an impressive feat by allowing you to view CT images in under 10 seconds¬†

RAYGuard 24/7 Monitoring

  • Proactive Maintenance: RAYGuard continuously monitors the scanner’s performance, identifying potential issues before they escalate into major downtime. This allows for preventive maintenance, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensuring the scanner’s longevity.
  • Optimal Scanner Performance and Uptime: By proactively addressing potential problems, RAYGuard helps maintain the scanner in top condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing its uptime. This translates to improved efficiency and productivity within your dental practice.

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