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Hatch Comfort G7 Dental Chair & Unit

About Hatch Comfort G7 Dental Chair & Unit

Featuring a smooth hydraulic system, 3 customizable positions for personalized comfort, and a secure 60-degree seat rotation for easy access, the G7 prioritizes both patient well-being and dentist efficiency. Discover the perfect combination of comfort, functionality, and reliability with the Hatch G7

About Hatch Comfort Dental Chair
  • 60-degree seat rotation,
  • Chair safety system,
  • 3 programmable positions,
  • Press type, articulating dual-axis headrest,
  • Fiber Leather Upholstery,
  • Up and Down Swivel armrest,
  • Hydraulic motor system
G7 Dental Chair Light

LED Light

  • Non-touch sensor technology enables easy control of light intensity and positioning without interrupting workflow.
  • Adjustable brightness settings cater to various procedural requirements and patient comfort levels.
  • Enhanced hygiene and infection control as there is no need to physically touch the light switch, reducing the risk of cross-contamination

Articulating Dual Axis Headrest

  • Easy adjustment: The articulating headrest offers effortless adjustment of multiple angles with a simple lever press, providing convenience for dental professionals.
  • Optimal positioning: Patients with limited mobility can be comfortably positioned thanks to the versatility of the articulating headrest, ensuring their comfort throughout the procedure.

Movable Instrument Tray

  • Ample storage: The movable instrument tray provides ample space for storing various dental tools and instruments, ensuring easy access and organization during procedures.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Dental professionals can easily access chair operation information through the LCD screen, allowing for quick adjustments and efficient management of settings without interrupting workflow.

60º Rotation with swivel brake

  • Enhanced maneuverability: The dental chair’s 30-degree rotation capability to the left and right allows dental professionals to easily find optimal positions for treatment, ensuring optimal access and comfort for both the patient and the practitioner.
  • Improved accessibility: With the ability to rotate 30 degrees in both directions, the dental chair enables better access to different areas of the oral cavity, facilitating more efficient and precise treatments while reducing the need for repositioning the patient.

Chair Safety System

  • Comprehensive safety features: The incorporation of two safety switches, located on the seat link and chair swing arm, along with an emergency stop switch, prioritizes safety during chair operation, providing multiple layers of protection against potential hazards.
  • Secure environment: With these safety switches in place, both patients and operators can feel confident during dental procedures

Rotatable right/left armrest

  • Enhanced patient accessibility: The armrest’s ability to swivel by 130º allows for increased convenience for patients to enter or exit the chair, facilitating a smoother and more comfortable experience during transitions.
  • Improved patient comfort: The swiveling armrest enhances patient comfort by accommodating various body sizes and mobility levels.

5 Years Spare Part Warranty

Dental Chair Color Options

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