The Best Intraoral Dental X-Ray Machine in Canada


In the dynamic world of dentistry, staying at the forefront of technology is key to providing the best care to your patients. Introducing the Hatch Intraoral Dental X-Ray Machine, a revolutionary device that blends innovation, safety, and ease of use to enhance the experiences of both clinicians and patients.

Innovative Technology and Dual Microprocessors

At the heart of the Hatch Intraoral Dental X-Ray Machine lies a powerful combination of innovative technology and dual microprocessors. This dynamic duo empowers the machine to deliver exceptional performance in multiple ways, ultimately improving the convenience and efficiency for dental professionals and patients alike.

540º Tube Head Swivel for Enhanced Maneuverability

The tube head of the Hatch Intraoral Dental X-Ray Machine offers a full 540º swivel on a horizontal plane. This extensive range of motion allows clinicians to position the X-ray head precisely where it’s needed, improving the overall imaging experience. It leads to more efficient procedures and heightened patient satisfaction.

Sleek Design for Precision

The X-Ray tube-head boasts a sleek design coupled with an in-built short cone, allowing it to be effortlessly positioned at any angle and direction. This versatility guarantees high-quality images for precise diagnostics. With the Hatch X-Ray Machine, you have the flexibility you need to obtain optimal images with ease.

Smooth and Drift-Free Positioner

This Intraoral X Ray machine features a smooth and drift-free positioner that enables you to trigger the exposure from a distance without worrying about a shift in image position during exposure. This added convenience enhances the workflow in your dental practice.


Exceptional Image Quality at Minimal Dose

A standout feature of this cutting-edge machine is its 100kHz digital generator, which produces stable and fine-quality X-rays. What’s truly remarkable is its ability to maintain this exceptional image quality while minimizing the radiation dose. Patients can now benefit from high-quality diagnostics with minimal exposure.


The SkanSHIELDTM technology virtually eliminates leakage radiation, prioritizing the safety of both patients and clinicians. Additionally, the precise digital control for X-ray generation, known as SkanSAFETM, eliminates soft radiation. Hatch X-Ray is meticulously designed and built to comply with global safety and protection standards, ensuring the safety of users and equipment throughout its operating range.

Elevate your dental practice to new heights with the Hatch Intraoral Dental X-Ray Machine. Its innovative technologies, impeccable safety features, sleek design, and user-friendly interface make it a game-changer in the field of dental imaging.

By investing in this cutting-edge device, you’re not only enhancing the convenience of your clinic but also providing the highest level of safety and care to your patients. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional X-ray machines and embrace the future of dental imaging with Hatch X-Ray. Make the smart choice for your practice and your patient’s well-being.