Hatch Ajax AJ16 Dental Chair

60-degree seat rotation, Chair safety system, 3 programmable positions, Press type, articulating dual axis headrest, Fiber Leather Upholstery, Up and Down Swivel armrest, Electric motor system.

1. What are the different types of dental chairs and units?

  • Mobile cart type
  • Floor mount type
  • cabin type

2: What are the main components of the Hatch Ajax Aj16 unit and dental chair and how do they work?

Dental chair: Each chair consists of a seat, a headrest, a backrest, and an armrest. The chair positions can be adjustable. It comes with a keyboard console to adjust the positions of the chair. It is also connected to a footswitch to adjust the positions of the chair.

Dental element/delivery unit: Consists of a 3-way syringe, 2 high-speed Handpieces, 1 low-speed handpiece, and a scaler Handpiece (optional). All handpieces are equipped with fiber optic light. You can easily adjust the air/water pressure with manually adjustable knobs. Dentist Element’s keyboard console and user can easily adjust chair positions. The keyboard console has 3-position programmable keys and 2 preset position keys.

 Assistant element: It consists of 2 HVS hoses and a saliva ejection tube and a 3-way syringe. A keyboard is also attached to adjust the chair positions.

3. Is a dental chair the same as a dental unit?

The word dental chair means that we can say it is a comfortable patient chair to adjust the comfortable position for the patient. The treatment unit includes the delivery unit and assistant unit as well as all connections. The complete unit is a dental chair and a unit.

4: What are the key features of the Ajax Aj16 Hatch dental chair and unit that set it apart from other products out there?

  • Swiveling dental chair 
  • 60º degree seat rotation 
  • 3 programable positions 
  • Press type, articulating dual axis headrest 
  • LED light 
  • Hydraulic motor system 
  • Dentist and assistant stool 
  • 5 years warranty  

5: Is the Hatch Ajax Aj16 dental unit and chair approved by health authorities?

Yes, you are registered with  Health Canada 

6: What kind of support is available at Hatch Group?

All types of technical and installation support from the Hatch Group. Provide end-user manual, installation guide, and service manual. Full spare parts support is available

7: What is the guarantee of a hatch group?

Hatch Group offers a 5-year spare parts warranty.

8: How to take care of it?

The HP fleshing option is integrated into the dental unit. should be used daily for 2-3 minutes with all HP including 3-way syringes. Clean the saliva filter daily and wipe the chair surfaces with disinfectant and a damp cloth.